Angels & Miracles

Angel Unaware CoverDora DeAngelo is one of the most inept angels Heaven has ever had the misfortune to employ in the Celestial Maintenance Department.

As a last result, Dora is sent to Earth. For the three weeks prior to Christmas, she must help a mortal family and then return to Heaven on Christmas Eve. During that time, she must help a man find his faith in family again, and his ability to trust in love. Dora must also help a little girl become a child again and get past the guilt she feels for the death of her parents. Doing so, Dora finds more than just a challenge in her questionable angel skills.

Will Dora lose her wings? Or will she gain something she has always wanted with all her heart? Her family…and love. And the hope for a future she only dreamed of…
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Miracle in the Mist cover

The Man . . . .
Child cancer doctor Steve Cameron has lost faith in himself, his professional skills and in the possibility of miracles. When a baglady in Central Park talks him into going to a cabin in the Hudson Highlands for a vacation, he has little hope that it will do any good.  But this isn’t just any mountain cabin.  It’s the Gateway to Renaissance, a small village hidden in a misty valley, a village inhabited by people whose only purpose in life is to heal the broken spirits of those who enter into their misty realm.

The Woman . . . .
Waiting for Steve in the village is Healer, Meghan Peese, an enchantingly beautiful woman who, when she sees Steve, feels an attachment far beyond what she usually feels for her Assignments.  Knowing she can never leave the village with her memory intact and knowing that Steve must eventually leave to fulfill his destiny, Meghan tries to fight her attraction to this broken man, but to no avail. Love claims both their hearts, tying them together with a timeless, unbreakable bond.  But Meghan has her own destiny, one that may tear them apart forever.

 The Miracle . . .  
Love and the miracle they’re both been searching for awaits them.  All they have to do is have the faith and trust to reach out for it.
Click here . . . Miracle in the Mist by Elizabeth Sinclair


Into the Mist cover

Carrie Henderson, suffering from hysterical amnesia, finds herself standing in the middle of the street in Tarrytown, NY, covered in blood and with no memory of how she got there or whose blood is all over her. To recover her memory she is taken by the Guides to the misty village of Renaissance, where she meets and falls in love with heart surgeon, Frank Donovan. But is she free to love Frank or is she tied to someone else by marriage?

Frank is enchanted with Carrie from the first moment he sees her, but he know she’s a wounded soul and he has his own demons to come to terms with, his part in the death of his wife and child. Until he conquers these demons, he can hope to help Carrie or love her as she deserves to be loved and cherished.

But Renaissance has a way of healing the most damaged hearts and souls.  All they need is faith and trust to give birth to the miracle of lasting love.
Click here . . . Into the Mist by Elizabeth Sinclair

Small town romance. Big time suspense.