Forever Fall

Forever Fall
Series: Hawks Mountain, Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tags: elizabeth sinclair, hawks mountain series, social worker
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Publication Year: 2012
ISBN: 1611942039
Social worker Mandy James and Carson High School principal Lucas Michaels find themselves in charge of testing a "robo baby" designed to show teens how hard parenting really is. Will playing house lead to the real thing? (Book 3 in the Hawks Mountain series.)
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“I think we should give the ‘robo babies’ . . . a test drive.”

Catherine, a leading member of the Carson school board, nodded her approval at Mandy. Mandy hid a smile and grasped at the thread of hope. As both a social worker and a survivor of a harsh upbringing as an unwanted child, she wanted the robo-baby program to have a chance.

“My suggestion is that the baby simulator be put to the test in a real family setting,” Catherine continued. “Once that’s completed, we can use the findings to make an informed decision.”

Reverend John Thomas leaned forward. “And exactly who would you suggest do this testing, Catherine? All the board members, having already experienced the dubious joys of parenthood, would know what to expect. Thus making us the guinea pigs would prove nothing. And I’d like to go on record as saying that until the board makes a decision, I strongly object to bringing anyone in from the outside.”

“Exactly, John.” Catherine smiled sweetly and turned back to Mandy and the hunky Carson High principal Lucas Michaels. “That’s why we need a couple who can keep this discreetly confidential and who have no parenting experience. The obvious choices for the test are Ms. James and Mr. Michaels.”

Suddenly they’re in charge of testing a “robo baby” designed to show teens how hard parenting really is. Will playing house lead to the real thing?

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Small town romance. Big time suspense.