The Last MoveCalled the Chessman for the game pieces left behind in the wake of deadly fires, the arsonist is intent on making The Last Move

Arson Investigator Katie Sullivan is determined to find the serial arsonist who murdered her father, but the arsonist is playing a deadly game with her, and only the winner will live. 

Sheriff Drew Winters is just as determined to keep Katie, the woman he loves, alive and, if need be, save her from herself and her blind, reckless quest to succeed. They were a couple before and could be one again. 

Flames and death await them at every turn. Can they survive? Who will die and who will ultimately declare checkmate depends on Katie’s skill as an arson investigator and Drew’s abilities as a detective to outsmart the Chessman.
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THE LAST MOVE (Elizabeth Sinclair, as Liz Sinclair.)

Jenny's Castle Kindle Cover final expYesterday’s Lovers . . .

He had been Jenny Tyson’s first love, but he seemed a stranger now. Who was this forbidding man who made her tremble with wanting, even as she shivered at the hatred in his eyes? And what was the secret of his daughter—a heartbreakingly beautiful little girl who reminded her of the child she had lost?

Or so her grandfather told her . . .

That long-ago summer’s passion had marked Devin Montgomery forever. Jenny had abandoned him and their child. He’d found his baby, but lived all these years with revenge in his heart. Now he meant to see her suffer as he had suffered.

If only he could conquer the raw desire that surged within him at the sight of her.
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Small town romance. Big time suspense.