Hawks Mountain Series

Hawks Mountain coverRebecca Hawks has come home to remember who she was before the lure of life as a social worker in a big city nearly destroyed her-and might, still. She’s moved back to her family’s namesake mountain in West Virginia, where Granny Jo Hawks can help her forget the horrors she’d seen and been unable to prevent. Ex-Navy Corpsman, Nicholas Hart, has moved to Hawks Mountain in hope that its timeless Appalachian serenity will help him overcome his painful war memories. Now Rebecca and Nicholas must find each other-and their chances of a life together after putting the past to rest-on Hawks Mountain.
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Summer Rose cover

 Can their love survive a secret he never suspected?

A tragedy transformed Rose Hamilton from a surrogate mother for her beloved foster sister into a single mom expecting twins. But when she walks into Dr. Hunter Mackenzie’s West Virginia wildlife rehab clinic – with her pregnancy still a secret – all he sees is a gorgeous, likable woman applying for a job. Rose doesn’t want a romance with the handsome veterinarian who doesn’t suspect that she’s expecting, and who’s already got plenty of trouble thanks to a mayor who wants to rid his town of Mac’s lion cubs and injured wolves. Why would a man who obviously loves the wild life want to fall in love with a ready-made family?
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“I think we should give the ‘robo babies’ . . . a test drive.” 

The words make social worker Mandy James’ heart leap. As a survivor of a harsh upbringing as an unwelcome child, she wants the robo-baby program to have a chance. But there’s a catch: the high school wants to test the program on a couple who can keep it discreetly confidential, and who have no parenting experience.

Suddenly Mandy finds herself in charge of testing a “robo baby” designed to show teens how hard parenting really is—with hunky Carson High principal Lucas Michaels. Will playing house lead to the real thing?
Click here . . . Forever Fall (Hawks Mountain series Book 3)

Winter MagicNothing could have prepared Andrea Cameron for Jonathan Prince’s movie-star looks. Pretending to be his kind of woman was going to be easier than she’d expected. Will he believe her reasons for masquerading as her twin sister, the high-society party planner he hired to organize his charity fundraising gala?

He’s naughty. She’s nice. Christmas on Hawks Mountain is about to go from “apple cider sweet” to “somebody put moonshine in the eggnog.”
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Tomorrow's Promise

“Can she trust him to be the man she needs?”

Is coming home to Carson, West Virginia just another mistake in a long line of mistakes? Faith Chambers has no training to help her find employment, estranged parents, and a three-year-old daughter depending on her for support. Despite the dismal outlook for a future, she is determined to make it on her own – until she meets Sheriff Cole Ainsley.

He could find his way in if she let down her guard . . . but does she dare risk her heart again?
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A Love for All Time

Some memories are as sweet as the love they cherish.

Granny Jo, matron of Hawks Mountain, sits by her beloved husband’s grave and remembers how they met, the troubles they faced, and the love they shared that will never die.

A 20-page sweet short from The Hawks Mountain Series including recipes from Granny Jo!

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Small town romance. Big time suspense.