Native American & Historical

Eye of the Dream final cover with textCertain that her stoic, Native American husband no longer loved her, a pregnant Laura Kincaid walked out on him. Now, eight years later, her son is lost in the Arizona Canyon Country of the Navajo Reservation, and estranged husband, Kaine Cloudwalker, is the only one who can help her find the son he never knew he had.  Laura, who has never been able to erase the handsome Navajo from her heart, has no more desire to spend time alone with Kaine than he has to be with her, but the Navajo gods have a plan.

Kaine and Laura must find their way back to each other and solidify their family before the days of the god Changing Woman are over. To do this, both of them must step into the Eye Of The Dream, accept Kaine’s Navajo heritage, renew their love and join forces. But as they journey deeper into the maze of canyons in search of the boy, their estrangement is not their only problem. There are forces other than natural that are just as determined that they will never find the boy alive or live to love again.
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Garden of the Moon 2015 sw coverSara Wade has inherited Harrogate, her paternal grandmother’s Louisiana plantation. Though it’s unheard of for a single woman to live alone in 1850, her mother, who is embarrassed by her daughter’s ability to see ghosts, encourages Sara to go so she doesn’t have to explain Sara’s “affliction” to her friends. Sara, who is more than fed up with being offered up on the matrimonial market to less than desirable prospective husbands, couldn’t be happier.

Not until she arrives at Harrogate does she realize that the house holds more than her freedom. It also holds her destiny with the ghost who loved her in another lifetime and is determined to win her back. But all is not peaceful at Harrogate. Another ghost resides there who is just as determined to keep them apart, even if it means killing Sara.

Destiny awaits in the Garden of the Moon.
Click here . . . Garden of the Moon, by Elizabeth Sinclair


Small town romance. Big time suspense.