Elizabeth is available to teach a wide range of craft workshops.  If you’d like her to teach a workshop for your RWA chapter or writer’s group, there is a contact form at the bottom of this page. (Note: Elizabeth prefers to stay within a reasonable driving distance of her home in northeast Florida.)

Author Voice
What it means and developing your own unique voice for telling a story.
First Chapters
The elements in the first three chapters that will sell your story
Five Senses
Giving the scenes texture, life, and realism that will put the reader in the story.
Finding, Getting and Judging an Agent.
Securing the best agent for you while avoiding the pitfalls.
GMC – Goal – Motivation – Conflict
Learning what your characters want, why they want it and what will prevent them getting it.
Summarizing your story into a few pages that will sell it to an editor.
Character Growth
Avoiding stagnant characters, and growing characters through the story as a result of their interaction with other characters and events that impact them emotionally.
Listen to your characters talk.
Epilogues and Prologues
What are they? Do you need them?
The trick that keeps a reader turning pages.
Point of View
Learn who’s talking, why, and how they react believably.
Query and Cover Letter
What’s the difference and how to write them.
Revising and Editing
Polishing the story to be the best that it can be – and knowing when to stop.
Romantic Growth
Growing the characters emotionally from first meeting to the Happily Ever After.
Writing a Series
The tricks to writing books that are connected by characters, location, or subject matter.
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Small town romance. Big time suspense.